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We appreciate the trust and confidence you have shown in selecting Four Seasons Eye Care for your eye care needs. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional eye care in a personalized and comfortable atmosphere. You may be assured, you will receive the most comprehensive eye examination available. Other eye treatments, such as infections and emergency care, are also provided.

Since 1987, Four Seasons Eye Care has been a staple in Plymouth and has grown to 11 locations throughout Minnesota. Our Optometrists are certified in the treatment and management of ocular diseases including Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Dry Eyes, Diabetes, Family Eye Care, Pediatric Eye Care and Visual Therapy Services. Please explore our website for a complete list of all services we offer.

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Have you ever considered LASIK eye surgery? If you seek an active lifestyle without the dependence on glasses or contact lenses this might be worth exploring. Four Seasons Eye Care doctors and staff are well-qualified in helping you decide if this procedure would be beneficial. We understand that this is a big decision and is a reason why you need Four Seasons Eye Care by your side.

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Many patients become overwhelmed when they hear that they have cataracts and get concerned about the surgery that will follow. This is completely normal; in fact it is a myth that cataract surgery is painful or hard to perform. According to many sources cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed Medicare reimbursed surgical procedures performed in the United States today.

If you are someone suffering cataracts or have a family member that is suffering from cataracts and you helping them do the research we encourage you to carefully review the pages of the cataract section on this website. The cataract surgeons that work with Four Seasons Eye Care are not only experts in their field but also use the most up to date techniques practiced in modern day cataract surgery.

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In order to maintain decent vision and to keep your eyes healthy you must have routine eye exams. For certain age groups it may be alright to have an exam every two years; however, if you are a senior or have diabetes it is a good idea to be checked every six to twelve months. Be sure to consult your eye care professional regarding the consistency of eye exams that you should maintain.

At this exam your pupils will be dilated so the doctor can see into your retina, your vision will be checked and you will be screened for eye diseases or disorders. If further testing is required a more comprehensive exam and possible testing will be scheduled. If you experience any changes in your vision between regularly scheduled visits with your eye specialist, you should schedule an appointment at Four Seasons Eye Care as soon as possible. Early detection of problems and treatment of problems can be the key to preventing loss of vision.

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If you're thinking of switching to contact lenses or are unhappy with your current lenses, it may be time to schedule a contact lens exam. At Four Seasons Eye Care, we pride ourselves on providing the best contact lens service possible. That doesn’t mean fitting you with whatever lens is on sale that week, it means finding the contact lens that fits you properly, lets you see well, and most importantly, is healthy for your eyes. This is where our combined years of experience will benefit you.

A contact lens exam with your optometrist isn't much different from an annual eye and vision exam. The exam itself will include an evaluation of your visual acuity and other aspects of your sight, including peripheral vision and depth perception.

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