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Lasik procedure diagram

If you need to understand which refractive procedure is right for you, then Four Seasons Eye Care is the place to go!. First and foremost, when considering refractive surgery, patients should be in good eye health, good overall health and most important have realistic goals and expectations. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive assessment in this important decision process to determine eligibility for refractive surgery.

The first step will be to schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our optometrists. You will advised in preparation for your appointment to discontinue use of your contact lenses. Patients wearing soft contact lenses are required to stop wearing for usually 14-21 days before surgery. Patients wearing hard or rigid contact lenses should stop wearing for a minimum of six weeks plus another six weeks for every three years the hard lenses have been worn. Discontinuing the wear of your contacts and allowing the shape of the shape of your cornea to return to the natural state.

Eligible patients must be at least 18 years old and should have stable vision for at least one year prior to consideration of refractive surgery. A thorough review of medical history will be completed assessing multiple factors such as autoimmune diseases, the stability of diabetic patients, review of medications that can slow or prevent healing, considerations of recent or future pregnancy or nursing will be reviewed as well as hormonal influences that can affect vision outcomes or stability. We will review your eye prescription to determine if it meets the requirements within the prescription limits for refractive surgery. We will determine you have no unknown eye disease, including keratoconus, uncontrolled glaucoma, severe cataracts, corneal diseases, and certain retinal and optic nerve diseases. We take pride in our assessment process to review the patient’s refractive surgery options best suited for their eyes, review of the patient’s goals and expectations, coordination of care and selection of the highly qualified and experienced surgeon to match their goals of refractive surgery.

Your preoperative evaluation will occur prior to your surgery assessing your candidacy for refractive surgery. This preoperative visit is done at Four Seasons Eye Care and includes repeating many of the comprehensive examination tests. We may repeat selective and/or specific tests to ensure accuracy and stability as a candidate. A dilating drug known as a cycloplegic drop will be used to ensure an extremely accurate vision readings are obtained as well as eye health examination. Corneal topography/Corneal thickness measurements will assess the cornea health to ensure you may be a candidate for refractive surgery. Pachymeter to determine the corneal thickness will be assessed. A dry eye assessment with potential risks factors will be determined. An evaluation of the patient’s pupil size will be determined and how this may influence a potential risk of post-operative halos or glare. Wavefront technology in preparatory process detecting astigmatism and other irregularities in the shape of the cornea or visual system will be assessed. We will discuss these measurements with the patient and your surgeon to ensure the highest level of patient care and achieving a high level of success. If the patient is determined to be a good candidate for refractive surgery, a thorough review of the necessary steps prior to surgery such as ocular hygiene and pharmaceutical drops will be reviewed in detail. After your surgery, you will return to see us for your post-operative care. You are followed closely and carefully by your optometrist to make sure your eyes are healing well.

Four Seasons Eye Care has set high standards for our patients’ eyes. We realize this may be a life-changing experience with refractive surgery and will do our very best to inform you during the candidacy process and associated risks to minimize them to the best of our ability. Four Seasons Eye Care doctors and the surgeons to whom we refer are very open to all questions you may have. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.