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Seasonal Allergies

Woman Rubbing her EyeAre you experiencing red or itchy eyes? Does this happen during certain times of the year or do you seem to have this more often? Depending on your answer you could an eye allergy.

Seasonal allergies can cause your eyes to itch, water, redden, and make contact lens wear uncomfortable.

Other types of things that could be the cause are:

  •  Mold
  • Make up
  • Animal dander

Your best option is to schedule an eye exam with one of our Optometrists at Four Seasons Eye Care. Be sure to share with them issues you are having and whether these things have been issues for some time or you’re noticing them recently.

The great news is that there are many eye drops available that can offer you relief. We will first evaluate your eyes to determine if they have “allergic conjunctivitis.” If this is the case, we will then recommend an appropriate course of action for you to follow.